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Senior Policy Analyst (KIPPRA)

Anne Gitonga-Karuoro is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis in the Private Sector Development Department with a focus on micro and small enterprises, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 


Anne Gitonga-Karuoro est analyste politique principale au Département du développement du secteur privé à l’Institut kenyan po...

Associate Economist, RAND Corporation

Tadeja Gračner is an Economist at the RAND Corporation, based in Washington D.C.


Tadeja Gračner est économiste à la RAND Corporation, basée à Washington, DC.


Tadeja Gračner es economista de RAND Corporation, con sede en Washington D.C.

Researcher at the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research/ Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB)

Dr. Shivam Gupta is a Researcher at the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research/ Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB). His research focus is on understanding how digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is supporting sustainable development with regard to the SDGs and its indicators as essential aspects of future action plans. Prior to this position, he was a Marie Curie Early Stage Re...

Head of Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Forum for Public Health

Ahasan Habib is the Head of Research, Monitoring & Evaluation at the NGO Forum for Public Health, Bangladesh. He has an M.Sc. from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University.


Ahasan Habib est Directeur de la recherche, du suivi et de l’évaluation au sein de l’ONG Forum for Public Health, au Bangladesh. Il est titulaire d’un master de l’U...

Research Analyst for the Coalition of Urban Transitions

Catlyne Haddaoui is a Research Analyst for the Coalition of Urban Transitions. A development economist, she has previously worked as a researcher at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI, London) and as an economist at the Department for International Development of the French Ministry of Foreign affairs. 


Catlyne Haddaoui est chercheuse analyste p...

Applied Microeconomist, The World Bank Group

Daniel Halim is an applied microeconomist working in the Gender Group at The World Bank Group. Previously, he worked in East Asia and Pacific Gender Innovation Lab, overseeing an impact evaluation of information intervention for prospective international migrants in Indonesia. His research experience includes the study of labor, education, and gender. He did his PhD in economics at the Unive...

Head of genomics and bioinformatics, Naval Medical Research Center

Lieutenant Commander Theron Hamilton, head of genomics and bioinformatics at the Biological Defense Research Directorate of the Naval Medical Research Center.  His lab was responsible for identifying and preparing two phage cocktails to treat Dr. Patterson intravenously.


Le lieutenant-commandant Theron Hamilton est le chef de...

Advisor to the Board at the Czech National Bank

Tomas Havranek is Advisor to the Board at the Czech National Bank and Associate Professor at Charles University, Prague. His research interests include international trade, macroeconomics, monetary policy, energy economics, and methodology of research synthesis. He has published, among other outlets, in the Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of International Econo...

Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics

Carolyn J. Heinrich (Ph.D., The University of Chicago) is the Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics and chair of the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations in the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. Her research focuses on education, workforce development, social welfare policy, program evaluation, and public management. She works direc...

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

 Lise Herslund is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen. She holds a PhD in human geography. Her research field is broad within urban and regional development and current research projects count water resilience in African cities and refugees as a resource for small town development. She often works from an everyday life perspective with focus on people's daily lives an...



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