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Director- Research & Follow-up Programs, Latika Roy Foundation

Shubha Nagesh is a medical doctor by training and specialized in Global Health from Karolinska Instituet as an Erasmus Mundus Scholar. A Senior Atlantic Fellow, she works for children with developmental disabilities in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas and is striving to make childhood disa...

Professor at Maastricht University and Maastricht School of Management

Wim Naudé is Professor at Maastricht University and Maastricht School of Management, and Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands. He is also Visiting Professor of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Development at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, and Research Fellow at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics in Bonn, Germany. Previously he has worked for UNU-WIDER in Finland and for ...

Senior Advisor to the Vice-President, African Development Bank

Dr Guy Blaise NKAMLEU is senior advisor to the Vice-President at the African Development Bank, and has garnered over 20 years’ experience in development economics and strategic analysis, both theoretical and in field implementation. He is Associate Editor-in-Chief of the African-Evaluation-Journal (AEJ), and of the African-Journal-of-Agriculture-and-Resource-Economics (AFJA...

PhD in financial economics, University of Laval

Valère Nketcha, PhD in financial economics (Universityof Laval, Canada).


Valère Nketcha, Docteur en économie financière (Université de Laval, Canada).


Valère Nketcha, Doctor en Economía Financiera (Universidad de Laval, Canadá).

Anant Nyshadham is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the Boston College, a Faculty Research Fellow of the NBER, a Research Affiliate of the IGC, and an affiliate of the Montreal Partnership for Human Resource Management (MPHRM). He received his PhD in 2012 from Yale University. He is also the co-founder and Chief Research Officer of the Good Business Lab, a non-profit ...


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