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Science, technology and innovation for development

A man lies dying. Scientists on three continents mobilize to find a radical treatment to stop his organs from failing. A portable water filter straw is set to save millions of lives. Innovation defines humanity and leads us to be both our best and worst selves. Rationality, science, and intelligent inquiry into how things work and what they do will determine the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

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  • 23 March 2018
  • Post by Robyn Klingler-Vidra
Incentives for innovation that’s inclusive

How should policy-makers design incentives for innovation that’s inclusive? This column explains that first, they need to be clear on what they are...

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  • 22 March 2018
  • Post by Shenggen Fan
Innovations in food systems: the key to human and planetary health

Food systems – the technical, economic, social and environmental processes and actors through which we feed the world’s population – are at the heart...

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Comment of the Week

"Innovations go beyond technology. Policy innovations are also critical as they can help to make priorities of both human health and the environment. Governments should eliminate subsidies for nutrient-poor foods and convert those funds to investments for more nutritious crops such as fruits and vegetables."

By Shenggen Fan


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