John Paolo R. Rivera

John Paolo R. Rivera

President & Chief Economist, Oikonomia Advisory & Research, Inc.

John Paolo R. Rivera is an economist with an extensive research portfolio in the areas of economic development economics, management and entrepreneurship, and tourism planning and development. This includes his attendance in a succession of both international and local academic conferences, and authorship of numerous scientific and technical publications. He is also an educator who handles courses on basic, intermediate, and advanced economics at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. He is also a subject matter expert engaged in various research and management consultancy services with the private and public sector. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Master of Science in Economics, and Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics (magna cum laude) from De La Salle University School of Economics. He is the President and Chief Economist of Oikonomia Advisory & Research, Inc. He is currently the OIC executive director of the Asian Institute of Management – Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism.

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