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Tabassum Rahman is a PhD student. Her research is on Indigenous Australian women’s smoking and quitting behaviour including smoking relapse in the context of pregnancy and postpartum periods to inform culturally...

Head of the Center of Strategy and Competitiveness – Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, UWIDr. Richard Ramsawak is Head of the Center of Strategy and Competitiveness – Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, UWI. He has significant experience

Dr. Richard Ramsawak is Head of the Center of Strategy and Competitiveness – Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, UWI. He has significant experience coordinating the development and implementation of national-level strategic plans geared to improve competitiveness and sustainable development in Trinidad and Tobago and wider Caribbean region. More recently, focused on the impact of clim...

Extraordinary Associate Professor in Economics, University of Stellenbosch

Neil Rankin is an Extraordinary Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Stellenbosch. He is also the founder of a data analytics and machine learning company – Predictive Insights. He has worked extensively on firms and labour markets with a particular focus on Africa. He has undergraduate degrees from the University of Cape Town, a Masters from Simon Fraser University (Canada)...

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California at San Diego

Manaswini Rao is an applied economist with interests in development economics, economics of institutions, corporate finance, and organizational economics. She has spent the last few years studying the functioning of the judiciary in the context of India, and how judicial capacity in courts of first instance affects bank lending and subsequently, firm growth. In addition, she study the e...

Consultant, SPARC

Vinodkumar Rao works as a consultant at Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC). With a technical as well as social science educational background, he has been working at SPARC for the last 6 years. He supports documenting the work of SPARC and it's networks.


Vinodkumar Rao travaille en tant que consultant à SPARC. Diplômé dans les domaines techn...

Assistant Professor

Rafael P. Ribas is an Assistant Professor in Finance at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). His research interests include firm creation and growth, higher education, household investment decision, and individual acceptance and externalities of public policies.


Rafael P. Ribas est professeur assistant en finance à l'Université d'Amsterdam (UVA). Ses recher...

Post-doctoral Researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute

Charlotte Ringdal is a post-doctoral researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Her main research interests are on family economics, women’s empowerment, child development, and reproductive health.


Charlotte Ringdal est chercheuse post-doctorale au Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Ses principaux intérêts de recherche portent sur l'économie familiale, ...
Guest Editor - Assistant Professor of Economics at Clark University

Marc Rockmore is an applied micro-economist working on issues related to development. His research examines the impact of insecurity in violence-prone areas as well as the implications of how violence in measured. He also works on the long run consequences of exposure to early life shocks such as exposure to excess rainfall on adult mental health and how surviving the death of a sibling impa...

Pierfrancesco Rolla is a PhD student at the Institute of Development Studies, UK.


Pierfrancesco Rolla est doctorant à l’Institute of Development Studies, au Royaume-Uni.


Pierfrancesco Rolla es estudiante de doctorado en el Instituto de Estudios de Desarrollo, en el Reino Unido.



Media and Outreach Officer, IEA Amsterdam.

Jennifer Ross has a background in national education policy, and has been taking care of media relationships and outreach for IEA since 2018.


Jennifer Ross possède une formation en politiques d'éducation nationale et s'occupe des relations avec les médias et de la diffusion médiatiaque de l'IEA depuis 2018.


Jennifer Ross tiene experiencia...



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