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Call for Contributions: Conflict and Development

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In the realm of global development, conflict casts a long shadow, leaving in its wake a trail of devastation on a humanitarian level but also in terms of economic development.  The repercussions of wars ripple through societies, exacerbating poverty, deepening inequality, and compromising essential services like nutrition, child mortality rates, access to safe drinking water, and educational opportunities. Conflicts also reverberate throughout the economic landscape, further complicating the pursuit of development goals. As an example, in addition to the thousands of deaths and the bombing of schools, universities, and hospitals in Gaza, recent UNCTAD estimates suggest that the Gazan economy faced a significant decline, worsened by military operations on October 7. This led to a 24% contraction in GDP and a 26.1% drop in GDP per capita for the entire year. Against the backdrop of pressing global challenges, the imperative to comprehend and address the intricate relationship between conflict and development is more pressing than ever.

GlobalDev has partnered with the 2024 Oxford Forum for International Development to launch a special series on Conflict and Development. This series aims to scrutinize current manifestations of conflict, mechanisms of post-conflict reconstruction, and the roles of policy, diplomacy, and humanitarian endeavors in fostering resilience and rebuilding communities.

We invite you to draw upon both your research and the research you have access to, to write a blog article on the topic of conflict and development. Blog posts should be around 800 words with a focus on any of the following key points (the list is indicative and not exhaustive):

  • Conflict-sensitive development approaches
  • Peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts
  • Humanitarian assistance in conflict zones
  • Economic recovery and development in post-conflict settings
  • Gender dynamics in conflict and development
  • Environmental degradation and conflict
  • The role of technology in conflict prevention and resolution
  • Indigenous perspectives on conflict and development
  • Youth engagement and empowerment in conflict-affected areas

GlobalDev looks for accessible contributions that make use of existing research to shed light on some of the most urgent policy challenges facing the world today. We do not publish extended abstracts of single research publications or highly technical content, and we very rarely accept op-ed styled contributions. We ask you to discuss and hyperlink as many research sources as appropriate to illuminate the policy challenge you decide to frame your contribution around.

Please read our style guide carefully before writing, and submit your article through our ‘Write for Us’ page. All questions should be submitted to

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