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Relier la recherche aux politiques

GlobalDev est un blog qui s’efforce de combler le fossé entre la recherche sur le développement et les débats politiques.

Rendre la recherche accessible

Nous voulons que la recherche sur le développement international soit attrayante et accessible à tous et toutes, et pas seulement aux universitaires.

Adopter le point de vue des non-universitaires

Plutôt que de résumer leurs recherches, nous demandons aux chercheur(e)s d’écrire sur un défi politique et de nous dire ce qu’ils ou elles ont appris à ce sujet grâce à la recherche.

Support éditorial multilingue

Nous offrons un soutien éditorial multilingue en plusieurs étapes et accompagnons les auteur(e)s dans la communication de leurs connaissances à un public plus large et international.

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En ce qui concerne mon expérience avec l'équipe éditoriale, elle a été très utile. L'équipe a lu mon article en détail et j'ai apprécié les commentaires constructifs qui m'ont été fournis. Ces commentaires m'ont donné le sentiment que l'équipe éditoriale avait accordé à mon article l'attention qu'il méritait. J'ai hâte de travailler davantage avec GDN, de participer à divers appels à blogs, à articles et à propositions, ainsi que de prendre part à la prochaine conférence mondiale sur le développement.

Rehema Kahunde, Uganda
Emmanuel Asomba

I have to say that the support provided by the editorial team was outstanding. The quality of the suggestions, the review of the narrative that I received made a significant difference allowing me to re-adjust the analysis. Throughout this process, I could see that this team was composed of subject-matter experts. Their knowledge went all the way following-up with the best advice. It was my first contribution to this platform, and I will definitely reach out in the future with other articles.

Emmanuel Asomba, Canada
Lillian Karanja-Odhiambo

My experience with GlobalDev’s editorial team was mind engaging. I appreciate the fact that potential authors are requested to choose an urgent development policy matter. We discovered quickly that writing for GlobalDev is unique since we had to reference some of our research work and even research further, citing references. Indeed, in the words of Somerset Maugham, To write simply is as difficult as to be good. (...)

Lillian Karanja-Odhiambo, Kenia
Andrea Presbitero

I am happy that GlobalDev contributed to give visibility to our research, also outside the academic circles, possibly making our findings accessible to the broader development community, which in the end is our main target audience. I really appreciated the editorial assistance by the GlobalDev’s team, which contributed to make the write up sharper and more to the point. I look forward to future collaborations!

Andrea P
Andrea Presbitero, USA
Gussai Sheikheldin

Publishing on combines public writing with scholarly rigor. For those of us whose work is not complete without linking research to policy, and to public debate, we highly value opportunities of writing for such a platform. The translation service is also a bright idea. Overall a fruitful experience.

Gussai Sheikheldin, Tanzania
Manaswini Rao

I would like to thank the GlobalDev team for an opportunity to blog about my research. What I really appreciated was their suggestion to take a step back and write about the larger field/topic of my research agenda - judiciary and development - rather than my own specific papers. This enabled me to take a 30000 feet view of the field and how my own research fits as a jig-saw puzzle in the whole scheme of things. This also got me excited about innovative and policy-oriented research by many other fantastic researchers. Given the paucity of rigorous research and policy partnership with the judiciary sector, this was a timely opportunity for me personally to realize the importance of collaborations and partnerships to move the reform agenda forward.

Manaswini Rao, USA
Beatriz Sánchez Monroy

My experience writing this column was very interesting, in particular, communicating the scientific evidence through the analysis of a policy challenge with an accessible language. The advice and support of the editorial team was essential to guide (me) in focusing on key messages and making known some actions for a public health problem. Acknowledgments for the training.

Beatriz Sánchez Monroy, Mexico
Peter Newell

Our experience of working with the GlobalDev team was overwhelmingly positive. They clearly communicated what was needed and by when and worked closely with us to produce a piece with maximum impact and accessibility.

Peter Newell
Peter Newell, UK
Gianmarco León-Ciliotta

We had a fantastic experience with the editorial team! After our first contact, they were quick to provide us feedback not only on the form of the article we prepared, but more importantly, on how to shape it for a wider (non-academic) audience, and give it a more general scope. Was a pleasure working with the team at GlobalDev!

Gianmarco León-Ciliotta, Spain
Evelyne Kihiu

It was my first time publishing with GlobalDev and the experience was very good. The team was especially very helpful in drafting technical messages to a form that would appeal to a larger audience; insights that I would carry along in disseminating my research work. The team was also very friendly in all our interactions. I will definitely write again for GlobalDev and recommend the platform to my colleagues in research.

Evelyne Kihiu, Kenya
Kuba Krys

I highly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the editorial team of GlobalDev. The GlobalDev editorial team provided constructive comments on how to improve the post, and this way gave me a valuable lesson of how to write messages for lay readers (as compared to professionals accustomed to the topic).

Kuba Krys, Poland
Juliet Inyang

The Global Dev editorial team is one to be envied globally. During my experience with the team, I sensed that their services revolved around three values- professionalism, reliability and a deep commitment to research and development.

Juliet Inyang, New Zealand
Reshad Ahsan

We thoroughly enjoyed publishing on! It gave us an opportunity to describe our research to a more general audience. This forced us to examine our work from a different perspective and helped us sharpen our thinking on what the main takeaways of our analysis are.

Reshad Ahsan, Australia
Safa Fanaian

Publishing on was a great experience. As a Ph.D. student one tends to get stuck in academic language. The editorial team was helpful in refining the language of my article and making it appealing to a wider audience. The translation into French and Spanish was also a big bonus.

Safa Fanaian, UK
Kate Orkin

We had a very smooth publication experience with GlobalDev, with quick and useful editing for clarity. We really appreciated the extra reach that the language translations have given us internationally.

Kate Orkin, UK
Brenda Samaniego

Working with the editorial team was a smooth and productive process. Their comments were clear and helped make the article’s points. The article was much improved thanks to their feedback.

Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, USA
Erich Battistin

We had a great experience with GlobalDev. The editorial team was responsive, and very constructive with their feedback, and really helped us develop a clear and effective narrative.

Erich Battistin, USA
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En ce qui concerne mon expérience avec l’équipe éditoriale, elle a été très utile. L’équipe a lu mon article en détail et j’ai apprécié les commentaires constructifs qui m’ont été fournis. Ces commentaires m’ont donné le sentiment que l’équipe éditoriale avait accordé à mon article l’attention qu’il méritait. J’ai hâte de travailler davantage avec GDN, de participer à divers appels à blogs, à articles et à propositions, ainsi que de prendre part à la prochaine conférence mondiale sur le développement.


Rehema Kahunde

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